Assmann Flex Voice Recorder is a multi channels recorder for voice and datas.

Thanks to its open architecture and its multiples possibilities of adjustement and configuration, it can be connected to all PBX


:: Virtualisation up to 512 channels/UC
:: Cloud-hosting
:: Web/Internet Management and reading
:: GUI : New man / machine interface, new menus
:: Creation of comments, communication analysis
:: Indexing of channels by usernames
:: Mono and double direction recording
:: Archiving open NAS/SAN servor
:: Multi-criterias of research
:: Full IP software, API Interface

:: Radio P25,DMR,ED137, NXDN
:: Mixing analogical ways, digital,TDM, RNIS, VoiP, ATM, Passive and Active link (SIP, H323, CISCO, MITEL, ALCATEL, AVAYA)
:: HDD Serial ATA, Gestion TCP/IP open, RDX deck
:: Microsoft Windows 10 Environment
:: All Codecs (G711, G729, GSM…)
:: Extraction Assmann format, Wav, Mp3
:: SQL database servor integrated, CTI integration


The system is conceived to adapt the recording on eich channel according to specific criterias such as activity on the line or the phone number.

It allows the recording evaluation through the workstation or a network

Recordings archived on removable datas supports can be consulted with the workstation software, even if there is no connection to the recorder.

– Minister of Internal Affairs
– Formation organization
– Minister of Defense
– Police
– Safety
– Medical Emergency
– Transport Energy
– Rail, Navy, Air trafic contol


:: Multicriterias reseach, more than 30 different choices : Track name, duration, phone number, time slots, …
:: Simple or multiple listening, creation of replay scenario.
:: Reseach and reading on RI plug, local DVD or through Lan network or Web Interface.
:: Specific interface network for emergency dispatchers.
:: Listening in real time & creation of scenarios.
:: Short term recording


:: capacity of unlimited extension (consult us)
:: SQL intern base to a management of more than 4 000 000 recordings.
:: Intern archiving on RDX system (last generation).
:: Extern archiving on network LAN system, storage linked to network (NAS, SAN, …)
:: Management of legal duration of messages with Times to Life by channel.
:: Messages export under different formats.


:: Window 10 operating system.
:: Convivial interface with contextual menu of help.
:: Management of access by password with different rights level :
:: Listening, technical management, or other.
:: Local administration or off-set through Lan or Interface Web.
:: Multi e-mail alarms